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Double Eagle & Co.
The continuing saga of a boy, his girl and his car...

Double Eagle
"The Double Eagle is my twenty-dollar gold piece, and it's carried me
a long way. But -- the journey's not over yet..."
-Dick Kulpa

My First Newspaper Cartoon Strip

Double Eagle & Co. was originally published in my hometown Illinois newspaper, the Loves Park Post, in 1976. It went on to appear in two other Illinois newspapers, the Belvidere Daily Republican and Freeport Journal-Standard. I am reprinting selected strips here to illustrate how my work has developed from over 20 years ago.

Purchased for $20 when I was 19, the '60 Chevy got its nickname from the double-eagle decal I put on the door, not the $20 double eagle gold piece, which I didn't know existed at the time.

The daily cartoon told the semi-autobiographical story of a boy, his girl and his car. As you read these strips, keep in mind that the humor depicted here was written before the politically-correct 90's. (Incidentally, I updated the strip in the early 90's when I was asked by the Late Great Chevys Association to produce a special four-part series for their magazine. As a reward, I was made a lifetime member of this exclusive group.)

So, return with me now to the kindler, gentler times of the mid-seventies... A time when you could see a movie for two dollars, a phone call cost a dime, you could buy a '60 Chevy for twenty bucks, you really could get change back from your dollar for a burger, fries and a soda, and we were all happy to be just Americans (not hyphenated Americans) as this cartoonist makes a last-ditch effort to relive his youth in...

Double Eagle Cartoon

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Check out the full-color Double Eagle & Co. four-part special I wrote for the Loves Park Post in 1981 to commemorate the birth of my first child, my beautiful daughter, Candice.

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