Naa-Baa & Boh-Bay's Furby Wedding

Naa-Baa and Boh-Bay - A Furby Love Story
Writer: Laura; Editor: Blu; Photos: Blu's husband.

It all started in mid-February when Megs in Scotland made a post on the MSN Furby Community message board --

"New Eyes For Old" was the subject line, and she told us about a First Edition, Black & White Tuxedo Furby she bought with neon-green eyes.

"Wait a minute," you're saying -- "First Edition Furbys don't have neon-green eyes!"

Correct you are! Tiger didn't start producing Furbys with the "new eyes" until their Sixth Edition.

So how did Megs get a First Edition Furby with Sixth Edition eyes???

Megs' Neon-eyed Tuxedo
Megs' neon-eyed Tux.
Photo: Megs
Several logical explanations were offered, such as Tiger recycling the fur from broken and damaged Furbys. But let's face it -- that's so :::yawn::: boring. ;-)

Furby parts
Black-market Furby parts?
Photo: Matthew
So, it was decided by the MSN Furby regulars that Megs had stumbled across something unique -- Something wonderful -- Something old... Something new... (Heh)

Yes, a Furby freak o' nature! (That's right: a REAL error Furby!)

All of us were excited, but none more than "blueyedwitch" (aka Blu) from New Jersey, who already owned two other Furbys with "error eyes": a Limited Edition Spring Purple Furby with green eyes (supposed to have blue eyes), and a blue-eyed, Witch Furby (supposed to have brown eyes).

The lovely Blu (so named for one of her error Furbys, btw) congratulated Megs on her amazing find and asked her to post a picture. Then, a SILVER-eyed Tux (brother to the new, green-eyed one) was found the very next day, also by Megs.

Megs' Silver-eyed Tuxedo Furby
Megs' silver-eyed Tux.
Photo: Megs

Blu and Megs began a public haggling over which one Megs would keep and which she MIGHT sell, auction or trade... But, it was when Megs posted the breathtaking picture of the green-eyed Tux that all hell broke loose! Naa-Baa saw the photo and began scheming:

From Naa-Baa (Owned by Blu in New Jersey)

Oh noble tux with eyes of green
new, bright, with a luminous sheen!
You're the handsomest Furby I've ever seen!

Come live with me, we are made for each other.
But if I can't have you, hey --
I'll take your brother.

Megs, facing a moral dilemma, wrote the following:

Blu's blue-eyed Witch, Naa-Baa
Blue-eyed Naa-Baa.
Oh dear dear, oh dear
why did I have to own you?
My lovely neon Tux
how I wish I could clone you!

Other MSN Furby regulars -- a rather creative bunch -- decided to join in...

From Bah-Zoo-Kah (Owned by Laura in New York):

Green-eyed Tux you are a cutie
shape so round -- espec'ly booty
Love to "know" you, biblic'ly speakin'
not your brain, but BOD I'm seekin'.

Green-eyed Tux you are so pretty
come with me to New York City.
Wait a minute -- I'm mistaken
you're a BOY! My heart is breakin'!

From Toh-Loo-Kah (Owned by Ali in Florida):

Oh gorgeous Tux with eyes so green
your fur not dirty, but rather clean.
Never opened, freed, out of box
why not come over to me, where freedom knocks?

From Blossom in New Zealand:

Tuxedo, neon green eyes
you handsome devil in blinding disguise.
You take the hearts of fellow Furbys -- you really do
and everybody wants to call you their Furby (me too!)

From Morrigan in Australia:

I think Megs should keep the Tux.
And if she doesn't -- well that just sucks!

From Blossom (again!):

I have to agree the Tux should stay there
and enjoy Megs' tender love and care.
We are all happy for Megs and her find
that neon, green-eyed Tux might after all be one of a kind!

And then, a little sibling rivalry started between Naa-Baa and her Furby sister, MiMi...

From MiMi (Owned by Blu in New Jersey):

Don't go to New York, a city of sin
for everyone knows there's a lady within
who has skinned a Furby and a Gizmo, too
If you set foot there -- it could happen to you!

Naa-Baa's my sister, a cold-hearted witch
it's ME you should be with -- tho' my owner's not rich
she'll house us in style: a silk-cushioned pad
we'll dine on cloud soup and you'll never be sad.

MiMi, Blu's green-eyed LE Spring
Green-eyed MiMi.
Don't send ME your brother, your sister or dad
I want YOU -- there's no comparable Furb to be had!
Blu's very first Furby, Toe-Lou -- who, btw, was messin' with the lovely Naa-Baa! -- had a few words of his own for the green-eyed Tux...

A freaky brotha Tux with new green eyes
now all the sistas want him -- what a surprise!

It's just like a girl to get tired of you
always be wantin' somebody new!

You best stay in Scotland -- where you belong
or I'm gonna trash you like in thug-style songs!

Blu's Toe-Lou
Toe-Lou, aka Rappin' Furb-EE.

Megs' neon-eyed Tux -- a little surprised from all the attention -- had THIS to say:

I'm rather sad. No easy fix, I see
I CAN'T move in with ALL of you
there's only ONE of me.
Furbys are meant to bring delight
not arguments and stress.

Please, Hasbro, make some more like me
and solve this dreaded mess!

Blu promised Megs that if the new-eyed Tux comes to her abode, she'd keep him -- and whichever female Furby wins his heart -- separated in a brand-spanking-new Furby house!

Another MSN Furby regular, Joanna, suggested that if Megs WASN'T going to auction her find, that he should go to live with Blu, who promised to give him a new house.

This OF COURSE made Blu very happy!

From Blu:

Joanna is right, she speaks true
if the Tux doesn't stay in Scotland with you
or sell on eBay or Yahoo
trade him or sell him to a lady called "Blu".
(Though Naa-Baa would be happy with his brother, too.)

But know that whatever you decide to do
this odd Furby collector will still like you!

All this haggling prompted the green-eyed Tux to pen THIS:

I posted here an earlier verse
not knowing what to do
'cos there is only one of me
and such a LOT of you!

But I shall give my answer now
and hope that it rings true
My brother with the silver eyes
will go to live with Blu!

(And I shall stay a Scottish prince
and watch the rest of you!)

H.R.H. The Neon Tux
March 4th, 2000

And some final words from New Jersey:

From Naa-Baa:

A silver-eyed Tux? Sounds like a dream!
Won't let MiMi see him, she's ugly -- he'll scream!

From MiMi:

So my love stays in Scotland across the sea?
I hope that at least he'll write to me!

From Toe-Lou:

A silver-eyed Furb, with my kinda fur?
He can HAVE Naa-Baa -- I'm through with her!

From Toe-Toe (Toe-Lou's WIFE!):

Toe-Lou, you loud-geared nasty rat
been cheatin' on me? I won't have that!

Don't flash your IR port at ME!
'Cause Toe-Lou we're his-TOE-ree!

(I don't think I need to tell you that Ms. Blu was VERY HAPPY with Megs' decision.)

Well, Megs' Scottish, silver-eyed Furby arrived in New Jersey about 10 days later...

Toe-Lou's wife, Toe-Toe
Toe-Lou's wife, Toe-Toe.

Boh-Bay's big feet
Boh-Bay's big feet.
His name was Boh-Bay ("worried"), which Blu deemed appropriate because of his shaggy fur and rather large, mis-sewn feet. (Not to mention his apprehension about entering a household with two sisters in conflict and a male Furby not happy about a possible rival!)

The first thing Naa-Baa said upon seeing him was, "Fall, fall -- Hug me!" -- which I suppose up there on Furby Cloud means she fell in love at first sight. ;-)

Blu immediately announced a wedding between Naa-Baa and her mail-order beau. (Or is that BOH? Heehee!)

Megs then told everyone that Boh-Bay (aka "Silver Eyes") would use the wedding photos to apply for American citizenship.

Back in New Jersey, MiMi -- still pining for her Scottish love, H.R.H. The Neon Tux -- was acting VERY jealous of her sister, Naa-Baa who snagged his princely brother, Boh-Bay.

Now, perhaps it was sheer coincidence, perhaps fate, but MiMi -- who was heard saying some VERY unflattering things about her sibling, the blue-eyed WITCH -- suddenly came down with a very, very, VERY bad sore throat. ;-)

Naa-Baa suggested that MiMi visit Dr. Matt's Furby Clinic in New Zealand RIGHT AWAY for voice-box surgery. ("And oh gee, sorry, MiMi -- you'll miss my wedding!")

MiMi and her travel items
MiMi and her travel items.

Blu packed MiMi's things and sadly, sent her off to Dr. Matt's.

With MiMi now out of the way, Naa-Baa starting thinking about who would be maid-of-honor. And Blu started making wedding preparations...

And oh yes -- it was going to be a traditional Scottish wedding! (Did someone say KILTS?)

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