Naa-Baa & Boh-Bay's Furby Wedding


Thank you for wanting to provide a link from your Furby fan page to Naa-Baa & Boh-Bay's Furby Wedding website! Blu and I are thrilled that you enjoyed this site! Please follow the instructions below to copy the code and banner to your page.

Highlight the HTML code below by clicking and holding your LEFT mouse button and dragging it over the entire code, below. When it's all highlighted, click EDIT on your menu bar, then click COPY. Go to the page on your Furby fan site that you wish to add the code to and click EDIT again on the your menu bar, then click PASTE. The code is copied.

<center><a href=""><img src="wedding-ani.gif" width="468" height="60" border="1" alt="Naa-Baa & Boh-Bay's Furby Wedding"><br><font face="arial" size="2">Click here to attend Naa-Baa & Boh-Bay's Furby Wedding!</a></font></center>

Now, right-click once on the banner below and select option SAVE PICTURE AS (in Internet Explorer) or SAVE IMAGE AS (in Netscape Navigator) and save on your hard drive, noting the path you saved it to. Make sure you don't change the filename from "wedding-ani.gif". Upload this file you just copied to your server, to the same directory as your regular HTML pages. If you put your gifs and jpgs in a graphics-only directory, make sure to change the path in the HTML.

If you've followed the instructions above correctly, it will look like THIS on your page, when viewed through a web browser:

Furby Wedding
Click here to attend Naa-Baa & Boh-Bay's Furby Wedding!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've disallowed linking to inline graphics on my server (bandwidth stealing), so you MUST copy the graphic and upload it to your server. If you try to use it directly from my server, you'll get the cursed broken image graphic.


Laura Fredericks
Site Producer

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