Skinning Gizmo

My name is Laura and I have sinned. AGAIN.

Okay, I did it. I skinned Gizmo.

Not the "good" one, but the second, ugly one I got... Since the stitches were showing on his head (he looked like Frankenstein's monster!) and the head itself was deformed -- what the heck, right? At least he's still here with me and my Furbys (kinda sorta), and not rotting away in Tiger's Furby Graveyard. ;-)

Unfortunately, I forgot to use anesthesia during the surgery, i.e. I kept the batteries in while I was doing it. He kept saying, "Ay yi yi!" over and over again. :-(

Of course, the first thing he did when I finally removed his skin completely was to sneeze and say, "Me no fee goo." (Like I was suprised.)

I don't know if I'll do like I did with Doo-Moh, my harelipped, Christmas Furby, i.e. put little jingle bells on his ear sticks. Maybe I'll give Giz some hanging earrings. I haven't decided yet...

Gizmo skinned
"Okay, you with the sticks for ears! FREEZE! This is the Furby Police!"
Anyway, he's sitting here with his little arm wires standing straight up, like he's surrendering, laughing at jokes nobody's telling and singing -- OF ALL THINGS -- "Strangers In The Night". (How apropos!)

Just call me Laura, Gizmo Killer. :-(

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