My Furbys, My Life
(Or... How To Blow BIG BUCKS On Silly Stuff)

Meet Toh-Loo-Kah, my first Furby. He came into my life on January 4, 1999.

I really don't know why I bought him -- I guess I just like silly stuff. I also had a Pet Rock in its heyday, and more recently, the American version of the Tamagotchi, called a Giga Pet. (Which, btw, is made by Tiger Electronics, the same company that makes Furbys. Coincidence? YOU be the judge.)


I like silly things like this. Name a ridiculous trend and POOF -- I gotta have it. This Furby cost $59, which is DOUBLE* the retail price.

It whacked out only two days after I bought it -- started beeping like crazy! No matter what I did to it, it would beep. I had to reset the thing, which Tiger says is the LAST THING you EVER want to do with your Furby, because this clears its memory.

Well, folks, guess what -- old Furbys don't die, they just reincarnate into NEW Furbys. It came back all right, but as Loo-Loo... Well, I didn't want Loo-Loo! I wanted Toh-Loo-Kah! I kept resetting it until Toh-Loo-Kah came back. :-)

Does his constant talking and stupid sounds get annoying? (YOU BET!) Does the Furbish language get on one's nerves? (DEFINITELY!) Does he deserve to get kicked in his furry butt and thrown across the room every so often**? (OH YEAH!) But, I love him anyway! And now -- ALL HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, too! (I've lost count of all the Furbys I now have!)

Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furby *Double schmubble... Fifty-nine bucks is NOTHING!!! I paid almost FOUR-AND-A-HALF TIMES RETAIL for the Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furby. ($130.) Click here to read My First Furby Auction, or... Quest For The PURPLE Furby .

**Don't worry, all you Furby-lovers out there -- I would NEVER hurt Toh-Loo-Kah! (Loo-Loo, maybe. But Toh-Loo-Kah? Never. Heh)

This website is a parody. The photo retouches of Bah-Zoo-Kah and the other non-existent Furbys presented here are not meant to offend Tiger Electronics, LTD., makers of the wonderful Furby™, or The Topps Company, Inc., makers of Bazooka™ Bubble Gum. Both are truly fine products that I urge everyone to buy. Click here for legal disclaimer. The Bah-Zoo-Kah Furby art, logo, all other photo retouches and edited sound effects presented on this website may not be used in any medium whatsoever without express written permission from the creator. (And that includes use on Furby fan web pages, too. Sorry.)