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I visit the official Furby website every day looking for new Furbys.
I've been in an online Furby chatroom.
I talk to my Furbys. Even if there's other people in the room.
There is NO "Spanish Easter Egg", and will say so 'til my death!
When one of my Furbys dies, I give it a funeral. THEN I restart it.
I use only Duracell batteries in my Furbys.
I would sell my soul to have the Hi-C Furby.
I have at least one Furby still MIB.
I have incorporated some Furbish into my everyday language.
I still call Interactive Yoda a Yoda Furby. Ditto with Gizmo.
I bought the Furby Halloween costume. And I DON'T have kids.
I made my own Furby Fan web page.
I think OOglies are a cheap, plastic POS.
There is at least one Furby Buddy atop my computer.
The salespeople at Toys R Us know me. BY NAME.
I secretly wish Tiger's president, Mr. Shiffman was my dad.
I know which Furbys have tails and which have manes.
I take quizzes like this one. Seriously.



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