Microsoft Furby 2000

So now you can control your Furby remotely, via the Furby IR Talker...

Bah! Who needs ANOTHER AA battery-operated gizmo! Control your Furby with the new Microsoft Furby 2000!

Microsoft Furby 2000 uses your PC's and Furby's IR ports, so -- using your mouse you can make Furby dance, sing, play Hide 'n' Seek, Furby Says and Ask Furby. And, when YOU'RE sleepy, you can also put Furby to sleep! (Deep, DEEP sleep, too!)

Order RIGHT NOW and you'll receive a special, bonus Furby screensaver, Flying Furbys!

Microsoft Furby 2000

Flying Furby   Flying Furby   Flying Furby   Flying Furby   Flying Furby   Flying Furby   Flying Furby   Flying Furby  

"Microsoft Furby 2000" inspired by Ronald
Microsoft Furby 2000 and Flying Furby photo retouches ©1999-2003 L. Fredericks

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