Eye yi yi...

In an effort to stir excitement over their new "Interactive Gizmo", Tiger made available to the media this uh, beautiful, prototype thingy...

Gizmo Furby
But, just as the lovely Rosemary exclaims in this sound clip from the movie, "Rosemary's Baby", something is TERRIBLY WRONG with THIS gizmo...
Well, looky here -- guess what I found... ;-)

Gizmo Furby
This just in...

Finally, after months of delays -- i.e. the producers of Gremlins probably told Tiger that their prototype of Gizmo sucked (heh) and to get the heck back to the drawing board pronto or we'll sue your interactive furry butts again -- Tiger releases Gizmo!

ACK! It STILL doesn't have any eyes!

Gizmo WITH EYES photo retouch ©1999-2003 L. Fredericks

This website is a parody. The photo retouches of Bah-Zoo-Kah and the other non-existent Furbys presented here are not meant to offend Warner Bros., producers of the "Gremlins" movies, Tiger Electronics, LTD., makers of the wonderful Furby™, or The Topps Company, Inc., makers of Bazooka™ Bubble Gum. Both are truly fine products that I urge everyone to buy. Click here for legal disclaimer. The Bah-Zoo-Kah Furby art, logo, all other photo retouches and edited sound effects presented on this website may not be used in any medium whatsoever without express written permission from the creator. (And that includes use on Furby fan web pages, too. Sorry.) Gizmo was the lead character in the movie "Gremlins" (he was the "good" Gremlin) and the larger image presented above is a photo manipulation of the original Gizmo Furby. The sound clip is from the 1968 horror movie, "Rosemary's Baby". Rent it. (Or buy it.)