Frank, Furby and Gizmo

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, Natalie Cole sang with her dad, the late Nat King Cole, in her video, "Unforgettable"...

Well, why not put Furby and Gizmo together with the late, great, Chairman Of The Board himself, Frank Sinatra, for an updated version of...

Frank, Furby and Gizmo

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Frank, Furby and Gizmo photo retouch ©1999-2003 L. Fredericks. Furby song
and "Strangers In The Night" edited and mixed by L. Fredericks.

This website is a parody. The photo retouches of Mr. Frank Sinatra, Gizmo, Bah-Zoo-Kah and the other non-existent Furbys presented here are not meant to offend Mr. Sinatra's family, Tiger Electronics, LTD., makers of the wonderful Furby™ and Gizmo, Warner Bros., producers of the "Gremlins" movie or The Topps Company, Inc., makers of Bazooka™ Bubble Gum. Furby and Bazooka are truly fine products that I urge everyone to buy. Mr. Sinatra was my dad's favorite singer and he owned all his records. You can buy Mr. Sinatra's records at your favorite music store. Click here for legal disclaimer. The Bah-Zoo-Kah Furby art, logo, all other photo retouches and edited sound effects presented on this website may not be used in any medium whatsoever without express written permission from the creator. (And that includes use on Furby fan web pages, too. Sorry.)