My Fifth Furby Auction
(I just don't give up, do I?)

My name is Laura. I am a Furboholic. (Didn't we do this already? Heh)
Since I love all things Furby, I've got several way-cool Furby products... A Furby backpack (which I converted to a shoulder bag, heh) and matching Furby change purse; Furby keychain; Furby Tootsie Rolls necklace; Furby Christmas tree ornament; Furby watch; Furby clock and a Furby Chatterlink...

And -- they all have ONE THING in common! They're all of the First Edition Black & White Tuxedo Furby!

Furby stuff
But guess what? I don't have a First Edition Black & White Tuxedo Furby!

(Time to cut-and-paste the next paragraph from my OTHER Furby Auction stories...)


I couldn't take it anymore -- I HAD TO HAVE ONE and I HAD TO HAVE ONE NOW!!! WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO?

<!-- END CUT HERE -->

The bidding for the First Edition Black & White Tuxedo Furby with Blue Eyes had three minutes left... No one had placed a bid... There was also no reserve price and the opening price was only $25... This seemed odd -- since the retail price for a Furby is $29.99. (UNDER retail???) So -- what the heck -- I bid $25! I know it's shocking, but I WON! (I can't believe nobody wanted a classic tux Furby for UNDER retail... I've seen these on auctions for well over $50!)

After confirming my win, I asked the seller if she had the matching "Li'l Buddy"... She did! (Yes! A set!!!)

I now "coordinate" (heh) with all my First Edition Black & White Tuxedo Furby accessories.

(Aren't Way-Loh and Li'l Way-Loh cute together?)

Way-Loh and Li'l Way-Loh

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