My Fourth Furby Auction
(What, AGAIN???)

(I just never learn, do I?)

My Pink Flamingo Furby, May-May -- whom I got on auction, btw -- has been soooooo lonely without her matching "Li'l Buddy"...

It seems no toy store in New York City has the Third Edition Furby Buddies yet... :-( (Well, at least not the five toy stores I tried! Heh)

May-May and Li'l May-May
(Hmm... Maybe I should just cut-and-paste the next paragraph from my LAST Furby Auction story...)


I couldn't take it anymore -- I HAD TO HAVE ONE and I HAD TO HAVE ONE NOW!!! WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO?

<!-- END CUT HERE -->

The bidding for the Pink Flamingo Furby Buddy had AN ENTIRE DAY left... No one had placed a bid, yet. The reserve price had to be met, so I took a chance and bid $10. (What the heck, FAO Schwartz sells Furby Buddies for $10 normally!) So -- I placed my bid for $10 and WON RIGHT AWAY. That seemed odd... The bidding still had another day to go... How could I WIN???

Well, the seller put a "buy price" on it for $10 or more... Translation: The first idiot (whoops -- PERSON) bidding $10 (or more, heh) AUTOMATICALLY WINS.

Meet the idiot... Laura

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