My First Furby Auction
(or... Quest for the PURPLE Furby)

I know, I know... I truly flipped my lid! Auction? An ONLINE auction? AM I INSANE??? (Yup.) Read on...

Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furby When I first saw that Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furby on the AOL opening screen in February, I knew I'd have to have one! (Little did I know I'd be BIDDING on one only three weeks later in an online auction!)

I live in New York City, so "Limited Edition" things like this are easily available here... (What ISN'T available in New York City???) Famed toy store F.A.O. Schwartz (where Furby debuted) is only a 20-minute subway ride away...

BUT, I had just gotten out of the hospital... (If you see my missing gallbladder, tell it "hi" for me. Heh) I could hardly move, much less hop on the subway into Manhattan... So, I did what any perfectly-normal, Furby-obsessed person would do! I went to an online auction! (Well, maybe not.)

The bidding for the PURPLE Furby had 15 minutes left... High bid was $120... (Oh, what the heck, right? If I can spend DOUBLE RETAIL for a regular Furby I can surely spend FOUR-AND-A-HALF TIMES RETAIL for a Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furby! Right?) I bid $130 and watched the clock count down...

YES -- I WON!!!

So I sent a perfect stranger a MONEY ORDER for $130... Was I nervous? Well, yeah -- but hey, this is AMERICA gosh darn it and if you can't trust your neighbors who CAN you trust? Anyway, she's a lovely lady in Colorado... :-) (Wait... Colorado??? Ack! You don't think she's part of the New World Order that supposedly runs the new DenverInternational Airport, do you? Nah... I think I really need to stay away from those conspiracy websites...)

May-Lah-Kah's hangtag My Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furby arrived in PERFECT condition, only three days after the seller received my money order! (I was impressed!) She's #9,352 of 250,000! That's a pretty low number, kinda. (Hey, #1 of the Limited Edition Spring PURPLE Furbys was going for over NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS in the online charity auction!) I think I did well. (Didn't I???)

Look at her...

May-Lah-Kah is BEAUTIFUL!
(And did I mention she's PURPLE? Heh)


Blinking Furby and Furby Money photo retouches/animations by L. Fredericks.

This website is a parody. The photo retouches of Bah-Zoo-Kah and the other non-existent Furbys presented here are not meant to offend Tiger Electronics, LTD., makers of the wonderful Furby™, or The Topps Company, Inc., makers of Bazooka™ Bubble Gum. Both are truly fine products that I urge everyone to buy. Click here for legal disclaimer. The Bah-Zoo-Kah Furby art, logo, all other photo retouches and edited sound effects presented on this website may not be used in any medium whatsoever without express written permission from the creator. (And that includes use on Furby fan web pages, too. Sorry.)